Innovative Practices

Innovative Marketing Practices

→ Coming up with the right angles

You have to wander inside a property and EXPERIENCE it before you can really grasp its essence in order to come up with the best-selling points for that particular property.  There is art in this process, and I pride myself on breathing new life into a property and coming up with all the best-selling points before I even start on producing brochures or advertisements.  You have to lead your prospects with strong points, or you’ll lose them from the start.

→ Thorough use of MLS

We do this superbly.  We input all important information that brokers need so that they know what the property is like, AND we give them what they need to promote it easily to their clients.  In addition to lots of pictures we also broadcast very useful “Associated Documents” throughout the MLS system. This is a dynamic and new function in our MLS software that allows brokers to have immediate access to whatever documents we insert such as maps, plats, commentaries about features and benefits, brochures, and other information and details that brokers may need to entice their clients.  Many listings in the MLS lack detail and pictures, thus discouraging brokers from ever wanting to sell that listing.  I use “Associated Documents” to keep brokers and buyers interested.

→ Automatic email broadcasting

When I first put your property into the MLS, clients of mine and of about 20 other Telluride brokers will get an e-mail about your property, if it fits their basic parameters. Ask about this technology - it’s quite amazing and offers very targeted exposure for your property.

→ New listing postcards

In addition to email and other electronic announcements, all new listings are presented to your neighboring community by traditional mail through personalized post card distribution.

→ Promotion within LIV Sotheby’s

Teamwork to get your property sold is invaluable. With over two dozen brokers, the broker associates with Telluride Sotheby’s International Realty strive to sell our company listings first, and I always make every effort to sponsor a company breakfast meeting at your listing so that our brokers will see it first hand. Additionally, we can get your property brochure distributed to Sotheby’s offices in town, as well as your listing in many syndicated websites and our local TSIR property guide magazine.

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