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We are experts in Telluride Real Estate

To get your property sold in an acceptable time frame for the highest market price...

...There isn't one, sure-fire way to guarantee a successful sale of your Telluride property, but my dynamic combination of many varied methods (done well!) has consistently produced faster sales for maximum market prices! (click here to see my recent record)

And you don't have to take my word for it . . .
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What actually gets a property SOLD? ... EXPOSURE is the key. Make sure that more people know about it and get "turned on" by it; then you will get more offers and with higher prices. If fewer people know about it, then you'll get fewer offers and for lower prices.

I am a firm believer in GOOD PROMOTION and have had extensive experience with marketing programs.

For 18 years - long before getting into real estate - I pioneered and marketed the sport diving business in Belize, Central America. I helped Belize achieve international renown for its terrific reef system and its fabulous diving!
That EXPERIENCE IN PROMOTION was invaluable!

Now, I am marketing Telluride property, and I can help sell yours in a reasonable time frame and close to an aggressive fair market asking price.

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