Great Promo

Extensive and Effective Promotion

Outstanding Visuals: Photos & Videos

Excellent Photography

Our professional high quality photography includes drone shots, great lighting, and skillful ambiance photos of your property to  show its best attributes.

Videos We Can Make

Special properties sometimes deserve a video to tell the full story, whether it's a high end home or a secret ski slope access. 

Optional Architectural Virtual Tours

For those who want a virtual showing of your property right now, we can provide a virtual tour for the viewer to virtually walk through your property on a 3D scale.

Local Promotion - Well Executed

On-site and Display Literature

First class brochures, silent speeches, and property booklets we create, display, and distribute help buyers understand the great features of your property.  

Compelling Literature and Advertising

We promote your property by frequently placing an advertisement on Telluride Daily Planet's peak days. All new listings (and just sold) postcards are mailed to your neighboring community. 

Communication with the Brokerage Community

Typically the day of a new listing, we will send out an email blast to the brokerage community (over 150+ brokers) of your property as a new listing. We also offer brokers the opportunity to get to know more about your property with an open house.

Wider Promotion Outreach

Personalized Internet Marketing

With my personal website, we will make a special page for your property within my website and for all printed material we will acquire a very simple URL to guide interested parties right to YOUR property’s full web info. Additionally we will advertise your listing on my business Facebook page. 

Company/Franchise Networking & Marketing

LIV Sotheby's International Realty – Multi-Level:

  • LOCALLY: LIV Sotheby's Telluride branch - locally strong with 25+ upscale brokers and 6 office locations bringing in buyers
  • STATEWIDE: LIV Sotheby's throughout the State - great networking with referrals from over 20 offices and over 400 brokers from the Front Range, Breckenridge, Vail, Crested Butte, Winter Park etc.
  • NATIONALLY & GLOBALLY: The Sotheby's International Realty franchise stretches throughout the Nation and the World

Huge Distribution on the Internet:

Once your listing is showcased on the Sotheby’s website, it is also distributed to many of our affiliated marketing partners with high-end publications with high profile websites

Need more info? Contact Ray: (970) 729-2278 | Rachel: 970-708-9619