Team Ray and Rachel

Team Ray & Rachel Bowers

Ray and Rachel’s life experiences, international backgrounds, and extensive professional involvement combine to serve you a well-rounded and superb experience when venturing into (or out of) the Telluride area real estate market.

Together this couple can deliver a successful undertaking for either:

  • finding and acquiring just the right property - with value in the Telluride area
  • selling your property effectively and for a good price

Ray & Rachel

Having two people with differentiated “Yin and Yang” perspectives on business and life creates a broader view for how to better serve their clients.

  • Rachel’s strong suits are from the women’s perspective with a great flair for art, beauty, and comfort, along with a great intuition for showing you how to fully live and enjoy the many recreational and sporting activities available in Telluride.
  • Ray’s strong suits are more on the technical side with great skills in market knowledge, valuation, negotiations, and client protection through clever contract writing and legal understanding
  • Both Ray & Rachel have strategic marketing skills with clever angles, a strong sense for physical appeal and  feng-shui, and insightful ways to communicate the positives of a property.

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