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Ray’s Cool Schematic Maps

Cool Schematic Maps

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Town of Telluride

Mountain Village

This historic mining town has evolved into a great tourist town with 5 clearly defined areas: The Gondola Corridor, the Commercial District, Bachman Village West End Residential Area, and the Historic District.

The newer town of Mountain Village has 4 distinct areas: The Town Center (Core), Ski-in/out Area, Golf Course Area, and the Meadows Area.

Nearby Subdivisions

Mesas & Ranches

Areas within a 10 minute drive to Telluride have residential subdivisions with parcels of land from 1 acre to 35 acres with many “suburban” homes.

The outer reaches of San Miguel County offer some of the most awe-inspiring landscape and views in the world. The “mesas” are home to several residential subdivisions with larger parcels of rural land and homes.

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