Standard Practices Done Well

Standard Practices Done Well

There is NO, SINGLE, sure-fire way to guarantee a successful sale of your property, but our dynamic combination of a variety of creative methods has proven to consistently produce faster sales for very satisfactory prices.

→ Quality Brochures

We always produce good looking pieces with high resolution pictures and enough details to give the reader a good feel for the property yet also to entice the reader to call for more information.  DISTRIBUTION - Brochures sitting in a box will do no good for promoting your property, so we make sure they get distributed well:  on site at your property, into several of our company’s offices, e-mailed to all the brokers in our area.

→ Saturation Marketing to the Local Brokerage Community

All active brokers in the area always receive an e-mail with the news that your property has just been listed, and we put a “New Listing” advertisement in a two local newspaper.  And finally, whenever we have an open house, we make sure to invite every broker several times through mass e-mails.  We literally bombard and saturate the local brokers so that they cannot help but remember your property and feel comfortable about showing it to their clients!

→ Abundant Signage and Brochures (When allowed)

We make sure the brochure rack never runs out, and inside rental properties we use plaques and notices to promote your property to the renters themselves.

→ Successful Open Houses

The strategy is to have enough open houses for the brokerage community to SEE the property so that all brokers KNOW the property and feel comfortable taking their clients for a showing.  Familiarity with your property makes a big difference when brokers are choosing properties to show.  Additionally, we advertise the open houses in the two local newspapers and by mail to invite the public and neighbors to come see the property, too.

→ Smart Local Advertising Campaign

The most effective exposure for your property will be to use a combination of the newspapers, e-mails and phone calls for timely events.  I use local newspapers to announce your new listing, to announce your open house, and at some peak tourist times.

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